I do believe transparency and clarity are essential in pictures as well as in relationships, both professional and personal ones. A good photoshoot equally stems from the emotions the pics are able to evoke and from a good empathy between the couple and the photographer (here I am, by the way!).

Let us try to start building it from here, shall we? Please just bear with me and read on for three more minutes.

My services are custom – made, based on your wishes and needs. I am willing to travel anywhere. The pictures taken before the actual wedding, at home, in your hotel room or anywhere else are very personal and intimate: they describe all the good vibes of your special day. What do you say, shall we take them?

After the ceremony, a nice little walk is a great idea to unwind and catch your breath. You can also indulge in an aperitif and, more importantly, have some more pictures taken in a place of your liking.

I will take thousands of pictures and, after about 3 weeks, I will provide you with a selection of the best ones. They will be published online, protected by a password (you can browse them from your PC or smartphone/tablet).

These images are already retouched. What does it mean?

I will improve their colour, brightness and contrast. These are minor yet essential  interventions. I do not erase objects or people, unless specifically requested or necessary (in this case, I will ask a pro), also because I am obsessed with taking clean and clear pictures anyway, with no visual distractions. Well, maybe “obsessed” is a bit of a strong and misleading way to put it: let us say I pay great attention to it.

From that moment on, you will be the chefs of your own wedding: you will choose the ingredients, that is the pics, and create your very own dish, the album, so that you can enjoy it with your family and friends. I will just help you plating it: don’t worry, I won’t be as harsh as Gordon Ramsay.

What does food presentation have to do with a photoshoot anyway? This is, of course, a metaphor, meaning that I will arrange the photos you will choose following some not-so- basic rules of logic and aesthetics. Your album won’t be just a random collection of pictures!

Let us talk visual support: you will get to choose between a classic album, an online photo gallery or a slideshow with your own music in the background.

I will of course provide you with many pieces of advice and information, so that we can define how the photoshoot will pan out. We will discuss, among others, the location chosen for outdoor pictures and the possible group pictures with family and friends, as well as the actual wedding party and dance! You can also decide to have a pre-wedding photoshoot, and so much more.

In short: we will constantly check with each other! Rest assured: my presence will be discreet, never intrusive. Reportage photography is meant to follow the normal course of events, without influencing them in any way.

I can read your mind now: how much will it cost? The final price depends on many variables, concerning logistics and other matters. Once you have provided me with all the relevant info, just contact me from here: I will provide you with an exact quote. I can also give you a range of different solutions to choose from if you want me to.