About me

I have been taking pictures for about 20 years. The most important names in my resume are those of my teachers: Federica De Angeli, Maurizio Re and Sandro Ariu.

Thanks to their teachings, I was able to initially acquire and develop all the basics and then some knowledge and competence not strictly related to technical skills but equally important when working as a photographer. More specifically, Sandro taught me about the importance of privacy and discretion in professional relationships, as well as the technical ability and sensitivity you need to communicate through your camera. Virtues and tips passed on during a 10-year cooperation which is still going strong, initially put into practice during a photography course and then in dozens of wedding photoshoots.

In time, I was able to enrich these with my personal experiences and values and to obtain great satisfaction from my job. Let me share with you one of the most amazing moments in my career: a cover of the National Geographic Italia Magazine.

I am a member of the “Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti TAU Visual” (TAU Visual National Association for Professional Photographers).

TAU Visual

I would also like to briefly introduce myself on a more personal level. I will be concise and, most importantly, honest.

I am your typical Genoese guy: inscrutable and introverted, but also capable of talking for hours. I am genuinely curious, rationally creative, quite argumentative and vaguely cocky. All this tempered by my constant sense of irony.

I am into sports, an enthusiastic ultrarunner and a content bodyboarder. Sea or mountains, water or land, it doesn’t really matter to me: I just I have to get moving and be surrounded by nature. You can read here, if you want to, my take on the trail runs I experienced (Blog under construction).

I meticulously keep my mother dough alive and enjoy cooking veg dishes. For me, eating well and eating good products is both a privilege and a pleasure. I am quite the glutton too: my extra kilos (just a few!) are there to prove it.

I am a modest self-made creator of WordPress websites, a competent SEO, e-mail and social marketing amateur. I am very much into all online communication, in all its facets.

I love animals: my cats Baudon and Fouly live with me. They do not scratch but they do wake me up at dawn, every single day. Ringhio is my brother’s dog: we lived so many adventures together… just ask him!